Oct 1, 2007

Collegiate Nationals Fun

Well its only what, 23 days 10 hours 57 minutes and 27 sec...wait...26..., well you get the idea till Collegiate Nationals.

Yes, there is a fun little countdown clock on the ncwsa website. Of note as well, the nationals site was UNLEASHED on the public.

Full of pretty bright yellow colors and a clock and OH SNAP!! a link to the registration packet!!

Of course, it opens up in the super fun and friendly pdf format. Whatever.

Anywho, the past weekends tourneys saw a number of familer faces qualify for the big dance...ugh...that was lame...meant to say, some familer teams qualified for Nationals, Purdue, Udub-Madison, ULL, ULM, Michigan, Illinois, Don't mess with Texas, Don't mess with Texas A&M and....Missouri State?


Hell yeah. Get some!

Ncwsa stuff - NCWSA
Unleash HELL!! - NCWSA

edit: we messed up the missouri thing. fixed now. our bad. that intern has been beaten and fired.


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Actually it's Missouri State University that you might not want to mess with. Some people might be pretty upset with that mix up


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