Oct 18, 2012

NCWSA Nationals

The NCWSA Nationals have started today.  This is by far my favorite event of the year, not because the level of performance is all that high or any cool night jump or anything like that.  But because it is the future of our sport.  The NCWSA is full of skiers from all aspects of our sport, those that will or even currently are pro skiers all the way to those that may never ski another tournament after college.  But many of the skiers that you see at collegiate tournaments had never skied a tournament before joining a little known club on campus and heading out for a weekend event they probably knew little about and they were hooked by the excitement and camaraderie of this great sport.

NCWSA Nationals is also the best event because it is a team event, this levels the playing field a bit and leads to more exciting events to watch overall.  Also, what other sport would have an announcer like Tony Lightfoot getting all excited for every competitor from someone getting a few buoys up to the pros running deep shortline.

You can watch the live webcast HERE

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  1. I agree Collegiate water skiing is the future of 3 event water skiing! It is the only 3 event water skiing event where every one rallies for everyone else. Well maybe not every one but the teams from the midwest do. Its one of the only events where you do not get a bunch of old stiffs who are only concerned about themselves and their ride through the slalom course. At collegiate water ski nationals you get 22 of the best teams in the nation who are all about the having a good time and enjoying the event!


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