Oct 12, 2012

In Russia, The Pedestrians Hit You

If you are looking for dash cam crazyness in the world, just look up russian people.  Every crazy thing on the roads that is captured by a dash cam seems to come from Russia, and apparently for good reason.

Apparently there is quite the rash of people pretending to get hit by a car in order to get insurance money, so, people have started putting cams on their cars as a way to prove they didn't actually hit the person.

Whats great about this video, though, is the brazen way in which some of these dopes do this, just, run right out in front of someone, hop on their hood and go all, "what the hell bro??"

I was sort of hoping in one of these that someone would just blast one of these people into the hospital or something, does that make me a bad person?  I say no.

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