Oct 9, 2012

2012 NCWSA Nationals

We were wrong yesterday when we said the wildcard show would be hosted by CRB fan Cris Kodiak and Jeff Surdej.  Surdej was there, fresh off running 4 1/2@39off for a new PB, but replacing Kodiak was Regina Jacquess and Cory Pickos.  Cris will need to step up his skiing game if he wants back on the set of NCWSA Tonight.

No one is all that surprised by the fact that two midwest teams took the two wildcard spots as the midwest is not only the largest region by number of teams but also the have a very level playing field full of above average teams.  The midwest is far from breaking into the top echelon of teams but they do have well balanced teams.The big surprise from last night was the fact that there are 6 Midwest teams in Division One, that was a surprise to many of us.

The usual suspects from the South ULM and ULL are in D-1, FSC from the East is of course in D-1 and looks to have a good shot at winning it all this year, FSC is joined by fellow instate rival Rollins as well as Alabama to give the Eastern region the second most teams in D-1.  The Western region was victorious at All Stars this past spring but was only able to get the Regional champion Sun Devils of ASU into D-1.  Three regions, West, East, South Central altogether are sending 6 of the 12 teams, while the Midwest makes up the other 6 teams.  Wisconsin La Crosse  who made their first nationals last year, won the Midwest Regional to get the automatic berth and is seeded 3rd, is accompanied by fellow midwest schools Purdue, Miami of Ohio, Kansas, Cincinnati  and Iowa State.  The Midwest is balanced but does not have the top talent that it takes to get on top of the leader board.

It will be interesting to see if the other regions are happy with how this has played out this year and if this system will continue next year or if we will go back to the top 3 from each region making it to D-1 and the rest going into D-2.  I would bet that the Western Region at the very least is unhappy with how this has played out.

Division One listed in seeding order
Louisiana Monroe

Florida Southern


Arizona State

Rest of the D-1 teams and D-2 after the jump.





Miami of Ohio



Iowa State

Division Two listed in seeding order


UC Davis

Texas State

San Diego State

North Carolina

Cal Poly

Chico State


Texas A&M


  1. Anonymous8:10 AM

    UC Davis aggies?! i thought they were the fighting pink unicorns

  2. I do have to step up my game. Thats true. I've only set the trick world record 24 times, not 27 times like Mr. Pickos.
    Speaking of stepping up the game, how about you guys figure out how to spell the last name of the current world record holder in women's slalom. I'll give you a hint, there is not a "c" in the last name. http://www.reginajaquess.com/
    I miss you guys.

  3. spelling is hard. we did not go to a big spelling school like you did mr Kodiak


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