Oct 31, 2012

Only The Rich Ski?

Mitt Romney has taken guff for the following video. Some pundits said it shows he is too rich to understand regular peoples needs or some shit like that. He may be hella rich but how does skiing behind a fishing boat prove you are to rich to understand societal problems? Most of our readers (all 4 of them) know that skiing is an expensive sport but we all love it and find ways to pay for it. Most of us are not in the 1%, the 5% or even the 10% but we still ski. Is water skiing really considered a sport for just the uber rich?


  1. Acid Trip6:39 PM

    It is a ridiculous sport when you think about the amount of resources it takes for the sport to occur at a competitive level. The damming of lakes in the 40's and 50's created large bodies of flat water conducive to the construction of dedicated pleasure boats like Correct Craft or Mercury. Tie ropes, carve skis and skiing was born. A leisurely spectacle turned into competitive water skiing as we know it today. Bodies of water created solely for the purpose followed. The ultimate white man's sport. A person engaging in the sport one 30 second pass at a time on a $1,000 stick behind a 250 hp financed $50,000 gasoline burning source of tension pushing through the water as its passengers look backwards and daydream. Pass the joint ODBF.


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