Oct 8, 2012

NCWSA Wild Card Show

Jeff Surdej and Cris Kodiak will be hosting the Wild Card Selection show again this year.  Lets hope they up their game a bit this year as this screen shot from last years show really just looks like we photo shopped them into a shot from ESPN Sports Center.

The 6th-8th place teams from each regionals will be scored in a mock tournament to find the two wild card teams to fill out the 22 team 2 division roster for the NCWSA nationals. From a brief look at the scores it looks like the Midwest Region has a good shot at sending both Wild Card teams.  Teams in the midwest are probably pretty excited about this and it appears that even Bill Clinton himself can not contain his excitement.  
At least he kept his pants on this time

The CRB would like to offer a suggestion for how this show should look.  Scratch the Fox Business in the background...hell scratch the lame dude as well...

Stocks get me so hot

The show begins at halftime of Monday Night Football tonight, they estimate that will be about 7:00PM Central Standard Time.  So don't run to the kitchen or start your usuall MNF halftime orgy until after the show.  Catch the show here

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