Apr 19, 2007

Now THIS is a slalom course!!

Perfect pass better be set this time!

From a loyal reader comes this great picture of a person taking a run on a relatively famous body of water.

There are a couple important questions that need to be asked. 1) Where do you put the boat in? Is there a landing there somewhere? and 2) Is this course controlled by any underwater contraption whereby Jenny's (thats the skier above, we are told) score would be artificially improved?

Either way, thats a pretty awesome scoop, I bet no one else in the world was aware there was skiing allowed there.

However, we weren't 100% sure this picture was real*, so we turned to our resident expert on everything relating to everthing...the following was his response.


*Its photoshop. orly?


  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I am a little disapointed to see you changed your original post regarding VT. It was a well written piece.

  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Waterskiing has that pull, that whenever we see a D3 or USAWS or even some wakeboarding sticker on a car we give a wave or a nod. Waterskiing is like an extended family.


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