Aug 18, 2009

CRB Off-Topic - Songs That Make Me Want to Be a Drummer

Going way off-topic, off-sport this morning with this...most likely because I just sat through another Cubs loss and I would rather take out my anger pretending to be a rock drummer then do something more destructive.

So, here is my list of five songs that make me want to rock the hardest. There are a bunch of songs out there that make me dream of being a rock star, face-melting guitar, or lead-singer shit...whatever that means, etc, etc. But, here are songs that make me want to get my John Bonham on.

1) Metallica - One

Like there would be any other song then this. Have the double bass drum and just go nuts? Yes please. No one can say that back in the day when this song came on the radio, or wherever you first heard it, you didn't go, "God Damn...what was that?!" Then beat the crap out of your brother with a wiffle ball bat. Oh and the video is bad ass, when your 8 years old, these dudes put the fear of god in you.

2) Foo Fighters - Everlong (from Letterman)

Ahh, you may have thought "oh, a Foo song, it must be 'My Hero'" Wrong you are young grasshopper, while thats a solid tune, this version of this song from Letterman after he got back from getting his ticker fixed is awesome. Taylor Hawkings rocks the snot out of his drums. FYI, did you know he was the original drummer for Alanis Morrisette? haha, what a dork!! No really, check it out!

3) Led Zep - Immigrant Song

Despite linking to "when the levee breaks" above there is no way I could pick that song, its my ring-tone now, so whenever I hear it grab my phone. "HELLO??? HELLO??? ANSWER ME DAMN YOU!!!" Then I realize I am yelling at a text message. which is stupid.

Anyways, Zep is the best. Don't fool yourself with any other band ever, sure, you could look at some old blues dudes, delta stuff, and see where Zep got their swagger, but..whatever, these are the four dudes who put this together. Imagine being alive back then and having these dudes roll through town. phew.

4) Beastie Boys - Sabatoge

Hell yes. The beasties rule, despite one of the dudes having the C. This is not an easy song to play on my steering wheel (All CRB employees drive company issued Mini Coopers), there is no way you can tell me that the little part in between chorusus, the DUH DUH...DUH DUH. part, you smack whatever you are standing by. Its the best. NO ONE DENIES THIS!!

5) Guns N Roses - Paradise City

I had a paragraph all written up for the White Stripes - Seven Nation Army, then this song came on the Itunes and I was transported back to 6th grade homeroom. Our super rad teacher man had a TV in there and we would watch MTV everyday, the entire room totally rocked out to this song.

Granted, this version isn't the video version because some jerk won't let it be embedded but, man, when I was younger I wanted to be Steven Adler. Just sitting back there and beating the shit out of his drums. Oh hell yeah, thats a rock star. Not this nimrod Matt Sorum they replaced him with. Nice drumming with The Cult you bum! Give me my drugs and crazy! However, he suffered a stroke from drugs and is on Celeb Rehab, so there is that. boom boom, TAKE ME DOWN TO THE PARADISE CITY!!!

So, there are my five. As I got to typing I realized that I had about 100 other songs that my steering wheel takes the abuse from, bands like, The Gaslight Anthem, The Hold Steady, White Stripes, Your Moms Band, etc. So, any suggestions?

Oh yeah, I know that none of these songs are even remotely current, but, they stick in my mind and make me want to drum. There is a ton of cool new stuff, but, it hasn't quite made its way into my brain enough that I can drum on my steering wheel correctly. Yes, I am that person that you drive by and I am going off.

Finally, just for the ODBF, here is one final song that makes me want to bang, ugh, something.

6) Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down

Amazing enough, this is a awesome song and it has a really poignant video for it. Right after Johnny Cash died they released the vid with a bunch of rock star types in it, Iggy pop, Kanye West, The dude from Coldplay, Kris Kristopherson, a girl i don't know, Terrance Howard, FLEA!, Common, the dude from Maroon 5, Chris Rock, Justin Timberlake, Kate Moss, Sheryl Crow, Dennis Hopper, Woody Harrelson, Amy Lee, the dork from buckcherrry, the Dixie Chicks, James Taylor, Bono (being weird), Shelby Lynn (who I love), Anthony Keides, Travis Barker, Lisa Marie Presley, Kid Rock, Jay-Z (still a dork), Keith Richards (still a zombie), ZZ Top Guy, some girl I dont know, Johnny Depp, Jerry Lee Lewis (WOW!), Owen Wilson. Its amazing. And yes, I watched the video and typed out the names as quick as I could.

Then this vid came out and all you can think, if your a dude, "To bad Johnny isn't alive to see this, he would LOVE it!!"

Seat girls - RJ41 Productions from RJ41 on Vimeo.



  2. Anonymous11:03 PM

    I KNEW that there was something about beach volleyball that I liked!

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