Apr 12, 2007

Help Wanted

Hey, looks like there may be a spot open in the USA Waterski headquarters!!

As you may know the fearless leader Andy Jugan decided to leave his post as head of USA Waterski like a month or so ago.

There is some speculation as to the circumstances surrounding his leaving USA Waterski (here to for referred to as usaw, because capitalizing is hard).

If you happen to gander over to skifly.com and look at the message board, which is ripe with speculation and theories as to his departure.

anyways, Andy bailed out of the usaw world, amid either controversy or some very sad family affairs and is no longer apart of what goes on, so its time to look further to find someone new to run this ship.

So, click your ass on over to the usaw website and take a peep at their criteria for a leader...no, really, do it. here, link this...job criteria

now that you have read that, lets break it down a bit.

Primary responsibilities include:
-Manage headquarters staff and the operation of USA Water Ski, Inc.
-Implement and maintain programs to develop and support participants and
-Financial reporting to the association’s president and Executive
oh...really? YO, tech school calling.

Thats not fair, lets dig a little deeper. There has to be something here for the established pro to dig into.

-Seven-plus years’ business experience, including senior management
-Demonstrated history of the successful development and implementation
of strategic plan
-Strong financial management, budgeting and administration skills
-Proven track record of motivating and managing key personnel
-Experience with not-for-profit organizations and national governing body is
a plus
-Exceptional communications skills
-Bachelor’s degree in business, sports management, or equivalent
Hmm...seven years biz experience, strategic plans, financial management, non-profit..blah, blah, blah....


Bachelors in business, sports management or equivalent?!?!?

look, we here at the worldwide leader of CRB understand that its not easy to nab a big-wig to run a part of society like USA Waterski, where big money deals are discussed over breakfast, huge money deals over lunch and mercenary shit is carried out on a routine basis, but, cmon...

Bachelors or equivalent? What is equivalent to a bachelors degree? A bachelorette?

Our interns have tougher job qualifications then this, including asking them to jump on a desk and dance around like a monkey with cymbals glued to his nuts.

You want to make a real coup, want a real hire, someone to take this sport mega? Hire freaking Andy Mapple.

He of the shining star that was world waterski pros (despite the goofy name) had good ideas and actually pimped our sport out to the man and got us places we haven't been before...or at least for awhile

Thank god that the collegieate all-stars is one the OLN - Versus - whatever the hell its called. (Update - the outdoor channel. Thats different)

But here was someone who rocked the house, got our shit a little bit of play...a slight sac tickle if anything, but then bailed out of the WWSP for some reason or another..

Here is a man who is legendary in this community, and is seemingly full of good ideas and marketing prowess.

DO IT!!!


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