Apr 4, 2007

Everyone Knows Waterskiiers Drive Chevy's

I am NOT impressed with your Cadillac

Our favorite tournament just keeps getting better. This year at the Collegiate All-Stars there will be a special Night Jump added to the festivities.

Night Jump, as you may know, is that very special time in a womens life when she and her mate take that special stroll down....wait.....I was thinking the Night Jump Yer Bones event. Thats totally different, and doesn't last as long.


Anyways, Bellevue Cadillac is sponsoring this event, which will be Saturday night, May 19th and is dubbed the "King of the Night".

Look, we all know who the King of the Night is don't we?

The surreal life? Yeah, I hit that.

So, lets just leave that alone. BTW, just for kicks, Google Image search this guy...ugh...not attractive.


//pours glass of Jack Daniels to take away sting

///Readies bowl of brain bleach to clear thoughts

////Bash head against table

More to the point, this event is brought to you by Bellevue Caddy, Seattle's PREMIER Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick and GMC Truck Dealer.

They will be showcasing their tow-vehicles at the tourney. Which means a couple 'Scalades rolling on 24's and maybe a Yukon thrown in for good measure. I mean, what self-respecting collage student doesn't have a spare 50-80 grand floating around waiting to be spend in a moment of beer-induced weakness.

Of course, we are all prepared for that right? Just take away the grand part, and who out there hasn't had a beer-induced moment of weakness where 50-80 dollars were spent on some random at the bar. Ha, thats how we met your Moms!!


Hey Buddy, this baby runs like a fucking top...oh shit, you got my scotch?

For real: Thats pretty awesome that they hooked that up, hopefully it goes off without a hitch. Plus, being on TV combined with night time beer drinking should hopefully lead to some fun audience behavior.

Not saying sex sells or anything, but, ladies don't be afraid to dress like this girl

Tee-Hee, look at my boobs...oh, and I work for Sports Illustrated, what up?

Dudes, don't be afraid to...ummm...do whatever it is that girls like.

Why do you think I blew up your condo? BECAUSE ITS A CONDO!!

Or whatever, either way its bound to be rad.

Night Jump (ncwsa.com)
Western Wash University (wwuwaterski.com)
Bellevue Caddy (gmcarsnorthwest.com)

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...