Apr 2, 2007

Yikes...sad news.

From the NCWSA site, looks like Carol Chase, wife of former NCWSA Chair Phil Chase, was badly hurt in a very odd accident. The following is from the NCWSA website.
"The wife of former NCWSA Chairman and current Honorary National Director Phil Chase needs your prayers now more than ever. Please take a few moments out of each day this week to pray for the Chase family in their time of need.

Carole was in a serious accident yesterday and is in critical condition in intensive care. She was at the drive-through at Walgreen's and her debit card got dropped when they were giving it back to her. She pulled the car forward, got out to pick it up and somehow the car rolled back, knocked her down and ran over her. She was pinned for quite a while and her heart stopped beating. EMS were able to revive her with CPR and get her to the emergency room but so far it doesn't look very good.

As of this morning, she is going through a process where they cool the body way down to try and prevent as much cell damage as possible. Doctor says we really won't know anything until they start bringing the temperature back up in about 24 hours. Miraculously, they did a CAT scan and didn't find any internal damage or any broken bones so at this point all we can do is pray that she comes out of it.

The lastest from Phil as of 6pm Sunday:

I just got back from the hospital. They have had her temperature at 92 degrees for nearly 24 hours and she is in an induced coma. They will start bringing it back up at midnight and that process will take another 24 hours. by then we will hopefully start to see brain activity.

The one thing I am clinging to is that, there had to be a reason why god guided those EMS guys hands when they got her heart beating again after it was stopped for 10 minutes. She's real tough and has been through a lot of medical problems so if anybody can come through this, she can.

Thank the NCWSA for their prayers.


Phew...requested prayers are ongoing. Lets hope for the best.

Carol Chase (NCWSA.com)

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  1. Sounds like Brain damage is the big concern at this point. When the heart stops, tissues stop receiving oxygen. Brain tissue is the first to be damaged, usually in 5-10 minutes, rarely longer (in the case of a drowned victim pulled out of a frozen pond). Other tissues can last much longer when oxygen-starved, but if the brain tissue is severely damaged, the rest doesn't matter. Hopefully that has not happened in this case


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