Oct 11, 2006

Complete and Total Nationals Preview

Holla at Marquette : Yo, D-Wade never made it to nationals!!

If you are reading this right now and you are a member of any of the teams listed below...I strongly suggest you quit reading this and get in your car and get moving.

For gods sake, its wednesday afternoon and you have to be skiing tomorrow or something!!

But for the rest of us, either not a part of one of these schools, or floating around in a freaking rowboat, we can view the events from afar...or on some website.

The NCWSA has set up some website to view results live...I guess. Click here for D1 or D2

Anyways, the CRB crew has to plead ignorance on the majority of the teams that are competing, we all know the normal power teams (ULM, ULL, Purdue, Hope, Etc) will be placing pretty high.

I look for the spirit of Kurtis Threlkeld to rage strong and push Purdue to the top in division one, while in D2 don't sleep on Cal-Poly. Allthough San Diego was the only D2 team to finish in the top three in any of the regionals. Hmm...

Just a note here:
East regional
1) Florida Southern
2) Alabama
3) Clemson

1) ULM
2) ULL
3) Texas

1) ASU
2) Sac-Town
3) Whale Vagina

1) Purdue
2) UW-Mad
3) Illinois

So, I was actually going to take all the teams scores from their various regionals and place them in some sort of order to in a way try and predict future results.

However, either Purdue is the best team ever assembled or shit doesn't translate from tournament to tournament. Why is this? I don't get it. Is it number of teams entering and thats how points are divided up or is it subjective, like, if you run 38 off and I run 38 off but I am rocking a speedo and a bra while you are wearing board shorts and a life jacket, then, the judges will obviously score my 38 off better because I did hit the double up at the end of this freaking long run-on sentance?

Did you see me hit that wake 180 at 28 off? Sick!

But, in the interest of complete and total journalistic integrity, here is the teams with scores from their regionals. They are sorted by their score from their regional tournament as an attempt to predict their future perfomance (read: Nationals).

This will end poorly.

Division I

Purdue University 13975
University of Wisconsin, Madison 13695
University of Illinois 12275
Florida Southern College 8270
Arizona State University 7335
University of Alabama 6960
California State University, Sacramento 6060
The University of Louisiana, Monroe 5365
The University of Louisiana, Lafayette 5140
University of California, San Diego 4775
Auburn University 3950
University of Texas, Austin 1190
See? Does that even make sense? What the hell? Like somehow ULL and ULM hired the football team and strapped skis on their feet? Or they decided to make it more difficult on themselves and they all went slaloming on old pizza boxes or had a team-wide meeting and thought it was in their best interest to all ski blind folded and without ropes?

Its stupid and maybe the CRB crew is dumb and doesn't know how to take the different tournaments and fix the scoring to make it the same from team to team and tournament to tournament...but...that doesnt matter now...its time for all the kids to get a move on....California love....Its the freaking weekend baby 'bout to have me some fun!!!


***UPDATE - The links above to live scoring don't work. Awesome.***

Nationals Line-Up (NCWSA.com)


  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Hey CRB Crew, I'm pretty sure the person's score (that goes towards team points) is determined by how many people compete in that event, they multiply that by 10, and the top scorer recieves that many points, then the next person gets 10 less than that and so on...so you'd have to arrange the people in each event by how they do and then assign the points. Due to the lack of people skiing @ regionals in the south, there weren't as many points given, hope this helps. I hope you weren't already aware of this and just having some fun with the numbers. Can't wait to see your nationals coverage!!

  2. Thank you!! I figured it was something like that. Looking at what you wrote and how its computed there is no way that I am going to go and calculate that.

    But, yes, I figured that it wasn't the same but what the hell right?


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