Oct 3, 2006

Oh, my timing was way off

"Whoa, look at that babe over there, got to get there quick!"

Looking around for interesting pictures to use in for the title banner the GBH crew ran across this picture, err more specifically google searching for pictures, the GBH crew came across this picture of Scot Ellis.

For all of us novice type jumpers who really have no realistic expectaion of jumping the distances that guys like him or Freddy or whomever go, its very interesting to see a picture like this as he begins his cut towards the ramp.

For those of us that, for whatever reason, be it age, site, equipment, desire, skill or whatever it may be that limits us from reaching these distances it is very weird to see a pic where you can sort of see where they cut from.

Not that this will really make any of us, or most of us, or some of us, or just me, have the light bulb flash over my head as to what to do to go far. I can see myself trying this and faceplanting into the side curtain and maybe still going like 30 feet, but body parts would be littered everywhere.

But then again, we all start like this (the above picture) and progress to anywhere from 60 or so feet to maybe mid hundreds or so. Thats basically where we all end up. There are a select few that have whatever it takes to really launch. Our man Rykert seems to be one of those guys who is right at that cusp. If you read his blog he mentions he is right about the 140-150 range.

So, what does that mean?

Well nothing really, and thats the point I guess. Basically, its an interesting point of reference to know where those of us who jump to compare ourselves to.

Which means = dang, I got a long way to go.

Scot getting after it (Somewebsite)

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  1. Thanx for the mad props. Yeah, I'm trying, but i'm walking the tightrope of busting the "cusp," without busting, well, myself. BTW,i've ben a lazy blogger.

    New names: how about "~" the blog formerly known as the Green Boathouse.
    another thing; you should email surdej and link yourself to the new awsamidwest site.


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