Oct 4, 2006

We made it!

Yes, that goes in the bedroom!

Well folks, we finally made it. We are now the Creaky Rowboat.

It was a long arduaous journey, but, that old boathouse was in need of a new paint job, some deck work and there was a racoon or six hanging out in the ceiling. Couldnt get those little guys out of there.

So, we have taken it to the high seas, we climbed in our creaky rowboat and have set out to discover new lands and take our super up-to-date reporting and compleatly non-biased journalism in a new direction.

Hope you find us and aren't to scared with change.

Good, because its the exact same, but with a new title.


P.S - Katy Eagen from the world destruction crew of Hope College posted a little comment on a previous post that was deleated in the move. Sorry. We will still pimp Hope College.


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    No problem. Im still a loyal GBH reader... or now CRB. Thanks for the comment- I feel honored to be on the blog.

    ps-With Nationals coming up you may wonder what surprises Hope is planning. We're not technically competing, so we may be walking to Sacramento with skis on to show our support... just a thought.
    -Katy Eagen

  2. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Wow, Walk to sacramento with skis on! Most people i know just walk around their houses with skis on.

  3. Now, when I look at your title pic, I experience a flood of memories, of jokes about a guy on a deserted island. I hope you didn't forget your flare gun while escaping the crumbling boathouse. The Geek-approved analogy would be when Luke escaped the exploding Death Star. Except, in this case, you are paddling your way past dead racoons, old flourescent wetsuits, and rotten, falling green siding. Enjoy the open water!

  4. How did you know about our neon wetsuit collection? Body Glove is where its at.


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