Mar 1, 2013

So, about June's foot...

In case you missed it, and/or been living under a rock, June Fladborg hasn't been skiing in quite as while as she recovers from a foot injury.

Not just any normal foot injury either, but....


Waterski Magazine has an article on their website, waterski mag, that goes into more detail about the injury, recovery, etc, its certainly worth a click over, its only a few days old too!

But, here is one of the interesting parts that we are trying to figure out, from June about how the injury happened...
“My heel slipped when I was off in the air, and I pushed into my lean a little early,” she says. “I wasn’t used to the high incline. I went into a flight position, and with my heel out of the boot a little bit I didn’t have enough control to get the skis back. I thought I got the ski back and by then didn’t have time to roll before I landed.”
So, basically, her foot came out of the binding?  We aren't super clear on it, but, man, ouch.

One of two scenarios is how we thing, she hit the ramp so hard that her feet broke on the ramp and then wiped out, OR with the wind pushing the skis it sort of pushed her foot a bit out of the binding and then with the height she was at, upon landing it messed up her feet?

Option two seems more probable, I swear I wish I was good enough at watersking to be going so damn hard core that the wind pushes my skis off, if you have seen any of us jump, with a strong enough gust of wind we just land right back on the jump.  #lol #waterskijoke

As the global leader in all waterski news its surprising that we haven't learned more about this sooner, but, as it turns out being the only news provider in this economy is tough.

That all being said, do please click on over to the waterski magazine article, its a good read and details a bit more about her road to recovery, we all certainly do wish her good health and look forward to seeing her back on the water.

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