May 7, 2012

Vid Day Monday - To The Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop

Tony Klarich was/is a sort of tricky / slalom hot dogger type dude from back in the day.  How do we know?  Watch the video, thats some hella cool HO ski action, you guys.

Anyways, he has the youtube thing figured out and has a bunch of videos posted on tips for being extra hot dogerific whilst you are skiing.  The video below is of him showing you how to do a tick - tock.  Surface 180 trick.  Pretty sure snoop dogg said it best, "to the, ahhh, tick tock ya don't stop, to the, ahh, tick tock ya don't quit BEEYOTCH!"

Truer words have never been spoken snoop.

Speaking of hot dogs, im hungry as hell

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