Apr 11, 2011

Vid Day Monday

Rip Curl is ramping up their marketing efforts in the build up to the 50th anniversary of the Rip Curl Pro, the longest running pro surfing competition in the world. They released this short but bad ass video of surfing on tidal waves created by the force of the tide coming and the river pushing out creating these bad ass waves. Or like I said tidal waves... And no tidal waves are not what you would call waves like the one in the movie Poseidon, they called it a tidal wave but that actually be called a rogue wave. Completely different type of wave, but who would expect Hollywood movie makers to do any actual research before making a movie?

But yea, this vid makes me want to go jump in random jungle rivers and get my surf on.

/hangs out with Life Jacket
/gets eaten by piranhas

Thanks to our boy Danny for the heads up on this video

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