Apr 18, 2011

Vid Day Monday - The Krista

Krista Rogers aka @the_krista sent us one of her sweet posters all signed and addressed to "the coolest guys in the world. Marry me ODBF"*.
*not an actual quote

The ODBF would have said yes, but then it snowed today and @the_krista posted this pic which led ODBF to add Krista to his list of people that he hates because they live in warm climates.

Dig Dug has graciously offered to accept Krista's marriage proposal. When the AP was able to track him down as he fended off 8 bit attacking beetles while digging a hole he released this statement: "Dig Dig yes Dig Dig Dig Dig girls Dig Dig Dug"

As this is Vid Day Monday here is a clip of Krista booting a 148 footer to win nationals in 2004

After watching that clip ODBF would like to reconsider her proposal. He also stated that everyone is more then welcome to send free stuff to us. We have no scruples and will promote you all over the place. So thanks to Krista for the poster and a big thanks to Radar for understanding what sells bindings. (making them awesome!!! and pics of pretty girls does not hurt either.)


  1. Anonymous3:20 PM

    the real question is,
    1) can she grind your rail?
    2) can she give you a whirleybird?
    3) what about going revert?

    /fun with innuendo
    //doesn't make sense

    -dig dug digs!

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    all three answers are Yes


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