Apr 7, 2011

CRB Draft - Tow Vehicles

We all drive everyday to get somewhere right?  Go to work, go to the liquor store, go the empty train station and sit in your car and drink to dull the pain...we all do it.

One of the things that we kick around the CRB during the day sometimes is what you would buy with lottery money, or, money no object buy a car, and normally its either some crazy exotic supercar or just a really rad tow vehicle to get the ski masterby to and fro.

Which makes us wonder, if you go to the grocery store or the mall or wherever you see alot of sedans and smaller suv things and, if you live where we live, alot of boring ass bland cars that happen to say Acura or Lexus or BMW or, oddly enough, Kia on them.  We do live in a fake-ritzy area.

Anyways, today we were sitting at lunch at a cool outdoor cafe and looking at all the different vehicles in the parking lot, and what the hell is with people and silver colored cars jesus!, but, all these people just had various non-descript cars to get them from home to work to the Gucci store and then home.

There was no real utility in these things, just a sort of bland social status vehicle.

But, as a waterskiier, we need something to tow a boat around right?  Do you guys all have a second car to do that?  Do you not tow and borrow boats or belong to a consortium of waterski-ites?

In our life, if you see a Tahoe or a Pick-up or something that isn't dicked with to much you can bet they are prone to slapping on a trailer and towing shit around.  But, is that the best?

So, in the spirit of the KSK drafts we decided to have a draft of our own.  Our own ultimate dream tow vehicle draft.  Something that we would use to tow our Ski Masterbu around, or at least deposit and retrieve from some body of water.

Rules are simple, we can draft to be our own personal tow vehicle any actual vehicle.  Can't be a space ship or a rickshaw or the pretty girl at the mall, has to be a legit vehicle.  Thats it!!!!

We welcome you to play along as well, draft your ultimate tow vehicle.

Draft order is determined by total number of posts to the CRB by our various writers.  Meaning, I, the Dig Dug go second, with ODBF third, Minion fourth and Life Jacket fifth.  Yes, site originator Rowboat Abides goes first, if we can find the old drunk.

1) Rowboat Abides - Lincoln Town Car.
A man looks proper in a Town Car.  (ed note. christ, old people are redick)

2) Dig Dug - a 2500 Diesel Avalance
Diesels are cool and they aren't available in an Avalanche, which are bad ass as well. 

3) ODBF - A TANK!!!
pew pew pew, blow stuff up!

4) Minion - El Camino
Those are Mexican right?  yeah, gotta get me some Mexican hash brah.

5) Life Jacket - whatever my girlfriend wants
I wove my pooky wooky (ed note. your fired)

So, there you have it.  Our first round draft of dream tow vehicles.  Please tell us we can do better!

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