Feb 12, 2007

You Kneeboard Obsession Could Pay Off

Being a famous wakeboarder does NOT suck!

When we unleashed our photo minions to scour the microfiche for the latest photo of Dallas Friday they came across an interesting article from Wakeboarder.com.

Sort of a how-to guide on getting sponsored. Who knew it was that easy? Besides, the Wakeboarder.com peeps say you don't have to be THAT good...but it helps.
"However, it's not necessary to have any certain number of tricks or skill level to start getting sponsored by a local shop or as a regional team rider. What's truly important when trying to get sponsored is your attitude towards wakeboarding and you're ability to promote the shop or company in your local area. Nobody wants to sponsor a jerk who is full of themselves and their wakeboarding skills, so don't be that person. Be nice to others, modest, complimentary, and truly try to get others excited about wakeboarding and you'll be on your way."
Not to be a smart-ass either its really sort of an interesting read, not sure when it was published or anything, but, its kind of cool. Not sure either if it applies to any other discipline other then Wakeboarding but I am sure for all you aspiring kneeboarders out there....umm...your screwed, but, for other people its a starting point.

...or something.

How to get Sponsored (wakeboarder.com)

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