Feb 12, 2007


I only need one leg to kick your ass...and not fall down!

I guess you wouldn't call this breaking news, but, a couple days ago Dallas Friday said screw it, sawed off her own leg, strapped on a wooden peg leg and went wakeboarding.

This marked the first time on a board since she tried a no-fin to Whirley Bird to beating the shit out of the wrong side of the wake trick that resulted in the CRB crew getting to play doctors somewhere outside of the bedroom. HI-OOO!!

Ok, so she didn't really saw her own leg off, all though that would be cool, and fine...it was more like a week ago this happened (six days since it was posted on wakeworld if you want to be a dick about it), but, our healthy fixation with Dallas is totally justified and its nice to see her back on the water.

Peep this from the Wakeworld scribes.
"Dallas edged back and forth on the cable trying to get a feel of the water flowing under her board. It didn’t take her long before she was smiling and giving us a thumbs up.

Her leg wasn’t bothering her at all, but she did get a little winded after several laps. If you’ve ever been injured or taken a long break, you’ll know how difficult it is physically and mentally to get back in the swing of things."

Like the kids say, "Ride or Die".

Combine that with the CRB resident philosopher, Andy Dufresne, who said, "Get busy living, or get busy dying."


You live to ride, and if you die if you don't ride. So, she must have been dying just sitting around doing nothing and not riding...Right?

Dallas Rides (Wakeworld.com)

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to the urban dictionary. That site is G Dizzle!!!!!!!!


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