Feb 7, 2007

Look Out Below!! - Flickr Series

This is going to SUCK!

Here is photo from Flickr taken by Tirau Dan, this is from his photo set Water Sport NZ.

There are some pretty cool pictures in that set, including a few variations of this gnarly wipe-out from a guy named Garth.

Doing a bit of searching on the google, it looks like Garth is this guy. Scroll down, he is the 341st ranked slalomer guy in the world.

However, thats nothing to sneeze at seeing as he doesn't seem to be real old. Peep this from Wintec.com.
Garth Milicich (Waterskiing)
Garth won the boys' overall title with seconds in the jump and slalom and fourth in the tricks and also made the open men's slalom final at the New Zealand Water Ski Champs in Wanganui.
Garth won the Junior jump, slalom and overall titles at the Waikato Regional Waterski Championships on Lake Karapiro, 19 and 20 March.
Garth also came 5th Overall, (4th in the Jump, 6th in the Tricks) in the Junior Moomba Waterski Championships, Melbourne.
Anyways, thats a cool as balls picture. Good work Tirau Dan...or Dan Tirau. Oh, Tirau Dan said in a post beneath the pic or one of the pics:
Just a nasty black and blue ligament injury they thought but took him to hospital for an xray:) I sent him the pics and the the link to these.
So there you have it. Check it out, dude.

Jump Pictures (flickr)
Sports Achievements (Waikato Institute of Technology)
05 World Ranking (Slalom.hu)

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