Boathouse put on BLAST!!

Iowa's finest

Rykert, the patron saint of the Waterski, etc blog, and our friend over here in the boathouse recently served notice that as a proud resident of Iowa he won't take kindly to our goofing on his state.

As we so eloquently put it a few weeks ago, in the preview to the Collegiate All-Stars, that Iowa was basically all corn fields.

So, he responded in kind with picture evidence showing that Iowa is in fact not all corn-fields.

So cute as a baby

In fact, he provided pictures to that effect.

You are right my man, Iowa does kick ass and don't let the idiots on skifly say otherwise. But there is a lot of corn.



  1. Perhaps we should find an impartial online judge to award and tally "zings" regrading our online exchange. Y'all do one hell of a job of keeping me on my toes.



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