Oct 3, 2022

Super Normal Brunch At The Hot Spot With The Bros

/at brunch at the place that has the good ass drinks, plus, the suspiciously attractive bartender who for no reason what so ever appears to be into you, but  you know its nonsense but appreciate the flattery

good luck getting invited to this party

/sipping mimosa

bro 1 "Yeah dog totally, as we get into the fall weather a little bit its so much nicer to sleep at night,  you can open up the windows and the cooler weather with the breeze, shoot,  you just sleep like a rock"

bro 2 "Totally bro, its so nice, i mean, like, you ever just sleep so well that you wake up and think you have traveled to Narnia or some shit!  hahaha!"

bro 1 "dog seriously though i mean like fucking the middle of summer when its like idk like Drogons throat ass hot out, sleeping....oh and like...sorry but your sister likes it that way...but like, its on top of the sheets and what not bro"

/admiring the shape of your skull, and finishing off second bloody mary

bro 2 "lol..sonnnn...what...shit man.. for real, like, i can barely even get under the bed...ugh..sheets?  whatever man, like, its so...ha...ugh.  was i supposed to eat the whole gummy?   wait....veronica tho wait what?"



bro 1 /stares at plate

bro 1 / stares at plate

bro 1 "the hell..."

bro 1 "stares at plate"

bro 2 "what dog?"

bro 2  / stares at plate also

bro 1 and 2 / staring at plate

bro 1 and 2 / staring at plate

bro 1 "is that?"

bro 2 "idk bro"

bro 1 "is that your sister"

bro 2 "yo id forever treasure that dog if you were the one dog"

bro 1 "bro"

bro 2 "bro"

bro 3 /out of nowhere


bro 3 /pulls ups facebook for some reason


waiter /swoons 

not the good bartender /swoons

suspiciously hot bartender "omg, like, have you ever wanted to have children and/or wanted to go to la night jam?"

bro 1 "you wanna have our honeymoon in Louisiana in the early middle-ish of june and shit and what not and shit baby?"

bro 2 "thats not my sister tho bro!"

bro 1 "she could be though now my forever bro"

bro 2 "bro"

bro 1 "bro"  

bro 3 /levitating

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