Dec 7, 2022

Turns out Elvis Presley is pretty good!

 For a guy who died dropping a duuuuuece! on the toilet at 42, dude sang some SONGS!

right?  suspicious minds is a certified banger!

But, we all know this.  and lets not get carried away with some jailhouse rock nonesense, thats for the dumbs. No one just gets stupid famous for no reason, there has to be talent there, and this cat was full of it...or at least really good at imitating other people.  who knows!!

But, never the less, Elvis has some solid songs.  

Cmon!  burning love is a banger!  you just stop it right now and tell your stupid ass friends that they are wrong and should be ashamed.

Anyway, thats the update from the CRB desk for today.  

P.S  dude is still alive.  he works at the bodega down the street from me.  constantly under charges me by a dollar for a pack of parliaments.  thanks king.  

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