Feb 6, 2014

Lake Trout Carry Out

***Lake Trout Carry Out is the CRB link dump.  Why?  Because its easier to do it this way instead of actually reading everything and posting well written articles, if you want that go find a newspaper***

Nautique has announced they will be running a Lady Big Dawg along side the Big Dawg finals this year.  So ladies strap it up and show those old dudes how its done at 34mph.

AWSEF has renamed itself the USA Water Ski Foundation, which is big news because no one cares.

Ski racers are all crazy, I have said this time and time again.  Here is a preview of the next big race coming up down under.

Todd Slalom Ski Magercelli and 3 other skiers grabbed a couple sets on Banf's Lake Minnewanka, which is a glacial lake so its less than warm.  I skied on a glacial lake in New Zealand a few years ago, its an experience that everyone should have at least once.  Just don't freeze to death, cuz that would suck.  

I've never been to Fayetteville Arkansas but I have been to Fayetteville North Carolina.  Fayetteville NC was kinda a dump and based on the Transitive Property where Fayetteville NC = Dump and Fayetteville = Fayetteville thus Fayetteville AR = dump.  What does any of this have to do with waterskiing?  The US Junior worlds team trials will be held in Fayetteville AR this year.

Is your lake water level going down like it is for these guys?  If so take this guys advice  "We play some tennis, lawn bowls, slip down the pub and have a few bets and beers. There is always something to do," he said.  Yep, betting at the pub sounds good to me.

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