Apr 1, 2013

A Perfect Day


As we progress throughout life, you make changes to your life to make it for fulfilling, more healthy, more fun, etc.  Its rare that you have life changing events where you go from one extreme to the other, no, its more like you make small course corrections as you go.

Think of a big ship on the ocean coming into port, it doesn't make drastic 90 degree turns all willy nilly, no, there is a tug boat helping out, bumping it a little right, or a little left...course corrections, until its safely docked.

Thats life.

And throughout this life, we have done the same thing, slight corrections, which, over time have lead to where we are now.  Rich, handsome, talented and often-sexed.

Here is a breakdown of how our ideal day would go.

5:30 AM - Wake up, brush teeth, eat a grapefruit, stretch
6:00 AM - Go Running, usually through the park with the dog, end up by the beach.  Mellow out for a minute or two
7:00 AM - Meet friends, take a couple sets, drink a few bottles of water, eat a granola bar, ski into 35 off...the usual
8:30 AM - Grab a shower, throw on suit, head to office for a 9:00 meeting with someone important that will net more money
9:00 AM - Meeting with someone important who will net us more money
10:30 AM - Review spreadsheet projections on fancy couch in the office.  Have secretary bring me a green tea
11:00 AM - Check emails...notice one from Mastercraft that they are going to give us a boat for free because we are awesome
12:00 PM - Attractive girlfriend shows up at office.  make the sweet sweet love on aforementioned couch.
1:30 PM - Yeah, we are that good.
1:45 PM - Go grab a quick bite a local deli
2:00 PM - Meet with bros at the lake, quick surf sesh.
3:00 PM - Get a text from secretary, no need to come back to office.
3:01 PM - Slaloming
5:30 PM - Pack up boat
6:00 PM - go pick up attractive girlfriend at oddly cliche townhouse in nice neighborhood
6:30 PM - Eat Kale and Apple salad w/ sparkling water and grilled chicken breast
8:00 PM - Head home
8:30 PM - work out for a bit.
9:30 PM - Bed time at a reasonable hour.

Wouldn't that be the perfect day?


  1. I looked thru this multiple times and nowhere it this schedule do I see anything about having a beer by the fire and making sweet sweet love to hotty secretary.

  2. by the way...Dig Dug are you ok? you seem...a bit off today.

  3. i have no idea what kale is.

  4. did The Rowboat Abides get back in the building? whats going on here? Slalom skiing is your idea of an ideal day?

  5. Anonymous6:41 AM

    i gotta point out:
    Wakeup, brush teeth, eat grapefruit, that might need some spacing unless you have a miracle "toothpaste that doesn't make cirtus taste like ass"


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