Apr 15, 2013

Lets Build Some Boats

Future CRB Boat Building Plant

Its current owner, Brunswick Corporation of Illinois, has cut the property’s for-sale price from $20 million to $10 million for the 60 acres and 336,435-square-feet of built space, as announced by the separate Brunswick County Economic Development Commission (EDC) on April 1. 
It went on the market in 2009 with an original listing of $29 million. Jim Bradshaw, executive director of the county’s economic development office, said Friday he could not reveal details about the three companies now interested in the property, per the sensitive nature of high-dollar property negotiations.
Not saying that one of those three parties in negotiations with Brunswick is the CRB, but, one of those parties negotiating with Brunswick theoretically could be the CRB!

Its totally reasonable, it was initally 29 million, now its 10 million, by our math thats almost 1/2 off!  Like any smart consumer, if you see a deal that good, you have to go for it!

So, hypothetically speaking, if this deal went through, that picture up top would be the new location of CRBHQ and we would be building the most sick boat ever built by mortals, the CRBoat.

 While we are still white boarding the idea's for the CRBoat, here are a few ideas that we are fast tracking for a paradigm shifting game changer killer app boat thing.  buzzwords.

  • Power from the Hybrid Ferrari LeFerrari.  (yeah, that's a real thing link)
  • Two Pylons.  WHAA???
  • Ballast system in the front AND back
  • WiFi hot spot on the platform for optimal web surfing whilst wake surfing
  • Tri-pickle front end
  • Integrated sun-deck / hammock
  • See-Through Tower bimini top
  • Wet-Bar integrated into dashboard
  • L-Drive
Its going to be so cool you guys.  


  1. Oh, so my idea for an R drive is tossed aside like nothing? I see my design talents are underappreciated here, if I don't start getting the respect I deserve I will take my etch-a-sketch and go home.

  2. 29 down to 10.../does maths... HALF OFF

  3. R-Drive is trash and you know it!

  4. Big Tex8:04 AM

    What is a contact pickle

    1. It appears to be a pickle that you can contact. It is much more useful than the contact chevette was as you can batter and fry a pickle. NOM

  5. I really wonder why they lowered the price that much. Perhaps they need the money so badly for their other investments. Anyway, that is already such a good deal. :)
    - Adirondack-Guide-Boat.com


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