Oct 7, 2013

What Are You Doing Tonight at 7PM? CLICKING THIS THING

Your going to fire up your google box and www.click over to ncwsa.com and watch the wild card selection show!  Thats what you are going to do tonight hombre!

I have killed more people in one night over bad french fries then you can imagine, son
What is the Wild Card Selection show?

Glad you asked, i just so happened to have copied into my mouse and will now paste-barf some info.  Take it away comment box thingy.
The show will kick-off by determining the two remaining schools who will get an invitation to the National Championships at Imperial Lakes in Imperial, California October 17-19. The show will start with a simulated tournament of the top three teams in each region that did not make Nationals by placing top 5 at their own Regionals. 
Out of that tournament, the top 2 teams will get an automatic invite to the NCWSA National Championship. Once the 22 team field is decided, each regional champion will get their automatic slot into Division 1. 
The remaining 18 teams will be thrown into the hopper for another simulated tournament to determine who are the top teams. 8 more teams will be placed into Division 1, making a total field of 12 (4 Regional Champions + 8 next at-large teams). 
The remaining 10 teams will make up Division 2. This does indeed mean that a wildcard team, could be placed all the way up in Division 1, based on their full season performance. The simulated tournaments will take the individual skier’s best scores of the fall season and put them all together.
Im tingling with excitment. Aren't you? Click this thing, 7PM Central Time. DO IT!  C L I C K

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