Oct 11, 2013

Snow Sharks...Yep

If you were looking for the movie that is going to win ALL OF THE OSCARS look no further than Avalanche Sharks, cuz it is that good.  This years oscars should just cancel the voting now and just ship a crate with all the trophies to SyFy and call it a day.  This movie will sit atop the pedestal of great movies for all time.

Random Reader:  But!! But!! What about these great movies? Surely one of these is better than Avalance Sharks!

ODBF:  Give me your list, and don't call me Sherly!

RR:  Ben Hur?
ODBF:  lol
RR:  Silver Linings Playbook?
ODBF:  Nope
RR:  Gone With The Wind?
ODBF:  yea...no
RR:  The God Father?
ODBF:  Sure, if the Don was played by a shark
RR:  Citizen Kane?
ODBF:  F off
RR:  Schindlers List?
ODBF:  Nazis have nothing on the Snow Shark
RR:  The Wizard of Oz?
ODBF:  Follow the yellow brick road to NOPE
RR:  Jaws?
ODBF:  Now finally you come up with a decent rival, but those water sharks are pussies compared to snow sharks!

Just watch this and enjoy its magnificence.

1 comment:

  1. yes. my favorite part is when the shark was in the snow! my god i was on the edge of my seat


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