Aug 7, 2013

The New Prostar Is Pretty Awesome

swerve swurve swerk twerk twerve #lessbuoysmorerope

Mastercraft, a boat company located in america, has a facebook page.  Its pretty full of boat stuff.  Recently, like today, they put more boat stuff on there in the form of the Prostar.

Which, for some reason doesn't have a tower on it.  WHAT?

Is this a paradigm shift, are we right-shoring the seamless integration of value added services by benchmarking the collaboration cloud service?


Anyways, in a bit of get off my lawn type stuff it is nice to see a "real" ski boat and not a big X-type boat, which are awesome, but, the actual CRB SkiMasterBu is an older, smaller "regular" ski boat and we have a certain fondness for that style of boat and not the gigantic wakeboard/surf only boats.

/sits on porch, spits, drinks grainbelt beer

There are a couple other pictures that mastercraft has put on the fb page, lets take a look, shall we?


Mastercraft tagged this on with "Long Hair Don't Care"  Us neither Mastecraft!

mmmm pickles
This is pretty cool, the cap or cover or whatever its called to cover up the open bow part.  Its a pretty neat feature, for all the engineering and thought that goes into boats, sometimes its little things that make a difference.

From Mastercrafts actual website,, they have a picture of the inside.  please view it below these words.

Looks pretty good!  We were skeptical of the v-drive type boat at first, but, being world class beer drinkers and floaters, it doesn't matte a hell of a lot to us, but, we suppose the actual "good" waterskiers wouldn't go for it if it sucked, so, we take their world for it.

Plus, not having a big engine box in the middle, provide ample room for our coolers of modestly priced beer and cheez its.  So, thats a good thing.

Long story short?

Dear Mastercraft,
Hi again, this is the CRB people, can you please send our sample Prostar, in all red please, to:

c/o blog
Poopyhead, WV.


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