Aug 19, 2013

Vid Day Monday - Frickin Sharks Man

It has been documented throughout this sites existence that I have a strong anti-fish / underwater creature stance. Mostly fish and other creatures and seaweed are all gross and slimy and basically give me the heebie jeebies, but, out in the ocean where there are bigger scary slimy gross creatures full of NOPE, there are some moments that are quite awesome.

It goes without saying this is best viewed from the comfort of my desk at work and not under water with these guys, but, its pretty cool...and in a strange twist, this video comes from They have TV stuff on there. Right? Weird, I know. Was really just going to look to see if the weather was going to be nice enough this week to look longingly at my ski equipment in the garage not getting used enough. does have some other cool videos as well, but, man...hammer head sharks.  You know they come into the shark bar and talk to great whites and other and be all like, bro, do you even shark?

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