Jul 15, 2017

Hey Man, Whats Up?

yooooooooooooo!!!!!, ive been out here for years.  eating berries and shit.  do you have any idea how long i have been alone?  covering these woods looking for food?

i can barely use capital letters. 

shoot, when i saw you driving down the river...i just got a huge skate boner bro.  

sorry to wreck your chill sesh. 

christ, you should see my pubes.  its like a jewish holiday down there.  

people be hanging lights and what not 

oh, thats not..whatever brah.  you got ta try this dank.  your ass will be low iq for hours.  its amazing.  
oh. my. god, you have cheez its in there?  lemme get a taste...ive been killing and eating wild life for like i dont know, 9 years,  just to get by, its some into the wild type life stuff going on brah

you ever had fried bird.  its rank but gets you feelings brah. 



watch out for that log my dude.  

no, i didn't mean it that way, cmon man, ive been out in the wild for so long, i dont even know

yeah no, just keep driving dude.  

yeah like, another little bit . 



im bout to go eat that deer alive brah, i gots to get that protein. 



oh dang, there is my moms...nvm.  im good son.  thanks for the wave.  quit warehousing the beer bro, gimme one of them.  dont be a hater.  

aight, later 

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