Feb 1, 2017

Get A Load Of This

Lets try this from a diplomatic way.  We all like pretty girls and we all like being coaxed along to making fantasy type videos showing us in some world we don't actually operate in, but, putting forth that image is fun.  Harmless.  Sexy nonsense fun.

Our industry is full of slow motion dudes being athletic and some sexy girl being slow motion sexy with no regard to their talent.  No mention of her skiing ability, but, lets concoct a typical waterski video, shall we?  Remember, the key points.  Girls ass, dudes skiing, girls doting on dude, girls in bikini, dude skiing, girl being excited for dude, thats it.

Its all 18 year old guys dream cycles, the sheets are sticky, the symptoms are there.

Its old, its played out, its annoying.

Lets not get twisted, sexy sells.  We aren't above that at all, but this video, are so horribly thought out, produced and conceived that it actually frustrating.

The girls do nothing, and we have amazing girls in our sport.  This clown doesn't have even half the talent of the girls that our sport has, no matter the discipline.

Wakeboarding you have Dallas, 3-event you have Regina and Alex, tennis you have Maria.

There is a level of video that we haven't got to yet, and its not just being able to slow things down or speed it up to look cool. its a level beyond that we are close to.  There are snippets of amazing cinematography in damn near all the waterski videos that are out now.

The level of talent in terms of ski ability and photography in our sport is amazing, its Warren Miller ish in its terms of production value and the omnipresence of portable cameras.  We have the ability as a sport ot make things that other sports don't

Our sport is photogenic, its beautiful, it lends itself to an artistic eye.

Its more then pretty girls ass's and some dipshit who has video editing software on a computer with a boner.

Expand and we can grow.  Its an amazing age we live in.  Utilize it.

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