Sep 14, 2015

27 Person World Record Barefoot Line

Your moms ex-boyfriends
This past weekend in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, a whole slew of people got together to set a world record for most people barefooting behind a boat.

27 people.

At one time.

/your mom nods her head.  been there, done that.


27 people is a hell of a lot of people, just look at the picture above.  Helpfully noted with our mad ass photoshop skills.

However, its hard to get an idea of the scope of this momentus acheivement, unless some one superglued a camera to their heads and taped it.

OH SHIT!  Check it out!

Pretty good huh??

Amazing work by everyone involved.  But, thats not enough, lets take a look at the action from in the boat, the scope of this is just phenomenal.


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