Aug 10, 2015

Freddy is a Beast!

Not only did Freddy jump 312 feet, not only does he have all aspects of the water skiing world talking about his feat, but he got skiing back on tv!  That is the biggest accomplishment of the day.  We need to figure out how to build off the model that Mastercraft used to get skiing back on ESPN and continue to push our sport forwards.

While this program was mostly just wake boarding, the main attraction was indeed Freddy booting a record.  Jumping is by far the most exciting event in 3 event today.  Slalom is great if you are a skier, but it means nothing to the casual viewer.  It is impossible to convey how hard it is to run a pass at 39 off.  Tricks is my favorite event, but how do you sell a trick skier throwing a incredibly difficult ski line 5 when wake boarders are throwing 900s and 1080s?  But jumping!  Nothing out there on the water matches the insanity of hitting a ramp at over 60mph and flying over 200 (or 300!!) feet.

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