May 7, 2014

Disney Is Filling Our Childrens Minds With Garbage!

Typical Disney Ideology of Watereskiing


Be warned, while the internet is filled with juvenile comedy, sophomoric actions and  hedonistic pornagraphy, the CRB Research Crew (CRBRC) may have uncovered the worst perpetrator of all in a seemingly innocent video from Disney.

OH, Disney, you say, they fill our childs heads with wonder and tolerance and virtues principles.


In a you tube dot come video entitled, "Waterski Hit", if you can stand to watch it for more then 30 seconds without lighting your computer on fire and throwing it into the gaping mouth of hell where this video can burn for eternity with the rest of the sodomites, you will find a video CHOCK FULL of despicable imagry that no one should be forced to see.

Here we see what Disney believes to be the typical female form.

That is not something that women should strive for, it is a physical impossibility and will ruin any child's sense of self-worth.  Shame on Disney for perpetuating the myth that men only find women desirable if they have these unrealistic dimensions.  Just look at those thighs, there is no way that is either A. Healthy or B. be able to find properly fitting garmets.

This is incredibly dangerous!  It is illegal and could lead to serious injury.  You never operate a pleasure craft in such close proximity to other people.  This will obviously lead to children growing up believing it is ok to blatantly disregard all proper social and boating norms, not only that, but, the complete disrespect of our fine law enforcement officers.

Finally, and most shocking, is Disney's PRO-AQUATIC LIFE stance.  Any reasonable person knows that fish are gross and you should not be waterskiing anywhere there is aquatic animals.  They are to be Destroyed!

No body of water should have any living creature in it.  Only human beings should be allowed to inhabit the water.  THIS IS GODS WORD FROM ON HIGH.

Gross fish and slimey things need to be Banished To Hell!

Watch this abomination from Disney if you dare.  But be warned, its graphic, titular and obscene.

Shame on you Disney, Shame.

Roll Tide



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