Apr 30, 2014

A Wonderful #FAILBOAT video

Most everyone has seen, or at least heard about this above gif, where the driver of a big boat somehow gets possesed by some alien life form and just bails the hell out of his duties of driving the boat.

Its phenomenal.

Just watch it for about five minutes.  We will wait.



Right?  So many questions.

1) Did he have a stroke or something mid-air?  How does that happen?

2) Speaking of mid-air, how, just upon landing do you pack up and just take a nap?

3) What is he doing with the throttles??

4) LOLOL The girl in the yellow/green bikini gets a lake bukake!

5) Why is everyone standing up?

6) How great is said yellow/green bikini girls sunglasses flying off?

7) How fast were they going and why were they in such a hurry?

8) Serious, did that dude just die in front of our faces??

9) Is there anyway to make this funnier?

Good thing we asked that last question, because some radical person out there in internet decided to do just that.

In a video uploaded on an account called planet vocal (more like planet text amirite?) they recut that video/gif and pasted it over a dub step type song from a band/group/pereson called Excision.  and the resulting video is like heroin for your eyes.  and ears.  and oh my god, reverse imaged stroke death guy.
This really, probably and with out additional hyperbole, should win oscar for best picture.  Or at least, best director and original screen play.



  1. Big Tex10:52 AM


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