Mar 11, 2014

USA Water Ski 75th

USAWS has been posting some sweet old ski pics in celebration of their 75th anniversary.  A couple years ago I came across 8 boxes of old letters and documents from USAWS from the 60s-80s.  It was very interesting reading, from the infighting to the collaboration with other countries governing bodies the whole collection was a great way to spend a couple weeks.  Someday if you guys are lucky maybe I will stop being lazy and post some of the documents on here.  

It is easy for us in the water ski community to bash USAWS for not doing exactly what we want when we want it.  But over the years they have done some great things as well.  For better or worse water skiing would not be where it is today if not for them.  I do have to say that I am happy to see some young blood working at headquarters now.  The new ideas and fresh look at the sport will hopefully help us grow and get back to where we once were and beyond.  

Bunch more awesome old pics after the jump.


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