Nov 6, 2013

Indmar's Big Reveal Was The Raptor Motor

Bunch of Oreo cookies were destroyed in making this rig

The other day Indmar made it be known that EVERYTHING WAS CHANGING, BOATS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, because they were doing something rad at the SEMA Show.

We were intrigued, what could it be?  Alien space ship powered boats? Magnetohydrodynamic drive boats?

Not quite.

It was revealed that Ford and Indmar are partnering up to marinize the 6.2L V8 from the Ford Raptor.

You can read the actual press release at autoblog or boating industry and its generally as dull as all press releases are, everyone is excited, its been forever since Ford had a marine engine, etc etc.

We know! One of the CRB fleet masterbus has a ford engine.  The boat is old...and doesnt' work.

Never the less, we were slightly underwhelmed with this announcement.  On its surface it doesn't really seem to be a game changer, sure its a Ford engine.  Cool we guess.  Its got a shit-ton of torque, to pull wakeboarders and surfers around and what not.  Thats cool.

But, the problem is, Indmar and Ford really missed out on REAL RAPTOR POWER.

fuel efficient and real

Right?  How bad ass would this be powering your boat?  Like anyone would screw with your part of the lake you are skiing on?

Bro 1 - "bro, its calm over there, lets go shred that shoreline"
Bro 2 - "yeah bro lets do it"

/drive boat towards that shoreline

Bro 1 - "bro..."

/Velociratpor eats both bros

Bro 1 - /food
Bro 2 - /food

Anyways, if you want to watch the whole thing, below is the video.  Its goes on for awhile as they talk about a bunch of cars and finally get to the part about Indmar and Ford and the raptor motor and its..whatever, its a video.  But wait, why is Gene Simmons there?  Why is he talking about social media?  What the hell goes on at SEMA anyways?

We will pass, thank you very much.

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