Jul 1, 2013

Vid Day Monday

Anyone that has paid attention to Pro slalom skiing over the last couple years knows the name Nate Smith.  While he may have the most boring name in pro skiing right now, his performances on the water are anything but boring.  I have seen him run 41 off several times in person and its as awesome as you would think.  He ran 41 off in the semi finals at the Malibu Open for a shot at the record, he was not allowed to take that shot (WTF M8s?) for some unknown reason, but he did give it a run in the finals and tied his own record.  2@43 off...wow.  I have seen 41 off a couple times in my own skiing career...I was on a trick ski...at 18 mph.  And that was GD hard, running it at 36 seems light years beyond anything I will ever be able to do.

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