Jul 9, 2013

Travel Itinerary Updated To Reflect Online Reviews

Most people use some form of online research before making plans for a trip, or big purchases, or before attending events, a whole bunch of things now days.

Normally you take the good with the bad, because it gives you a general idea of what you are getting yourself into, are all the reviews and/or comments generally positive?  Well, then the odds of you having a good time, making a wise purchase, etc, are going to be higher.  On the other hand, if the reviews are generally less then favorable, the odds are that you are not going to be purchasing said product, staying at said resort or attending said event.

CRB, being the international operation that we are, we spend a lot of time on the road, seeking out new markets, interfacing with clients, upgrading our paradigm buzzword to better reflect changes in the monetary architecture of business bros.

Since we tend to be fairly active* in social media, we were alerted that one of our choices for hotel accomadations in Jersey City may not best fit with our swinging, money is no object, enjoy the finer things in life lifestyle.

*not really active so much

The Econo Lodge in Jersey city, link, was on the list of options our logistics department to book when we sent the R and D team out on the road.  Their reviews were, say, less then pleasant.  Lets take a look.

Ok, well, thats probably not the best first impression you want to make, despite Afropunks iffy use of the english language.  No one likes their room to smell like 1000 cigarettes, or have flys all over the place.  Bonus points for Mr. Punk in pointing out the cost and convenience of going into New York City.

Breaking this one down, the guy behind the counter was rude, the room was dirty and she didn't feel safe.  Thats a pretty bad trifecta for a hotel.  Of course, it could have just been a bad coincidence that the person behind the counter was having a bad day and the cleaning crew over looked the room.  It happens.  "I would feel much saver and more comfortable in my car"

Oh.  Well, maybe she has one of those bitchen conversion vans!

This one is nice, sweet sweet anger with a dusting of racism.  It pretty much runs the gamut, complaining about the smell (which seems to be a ongoing theme), complaints about the beds, the general upkeep of the place, complaints about the food...but, Oh!  a nice bathroom...but a gangster mexican guy who is weird and cleans.

We are now three for three with bad reviews.  Not sure though, maybe just a few bad apples.

Look, maybe we would like easy access to our drugs without having to galavant around the city at night when we are just trying to get faded.  Have you thought of that Mr. Stratola????

He did, however, touch on all the themes that we have seen, rude people, bad accommodations, drugs, etc.  But, WHOA.  Dude is friends with The Krista??


We are staying at the Ramada.

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