Jun 19, 2013

Wakeboard Wednesday (3 pics 1 vid)

RedBull does some really cool stuff with lots of different sports.  In my college skiing days I remember them showing up at a few tournaments and handing out free cans, that stuff really hit the spot after a night of debauchery.  Hungover and jacked up on caffeine...there is no better way to wing at the ramp...That may not be accurate, I will have the guys in the lab study that theory.

I may not be a fan of their drinks but I love the way they spend money on cool stuff and produce fun stuff like this night time light show wakeboarding.  If you have never skied in pitch black before you are missing out on a great experience, you are also smarter than I, but still missing out.  A midnight barefooting run is something you will not forget.  Of course its hard to drill a battery pack into your foot and rig up a light system on your legs, so instead redbull went with wakeboarders.  Probably a smart move...

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