I'm Coming For You Freddy

This baby, this 7-month old baby, was on Good Morning America this morning and in the video, that isn't embedable, this little tyke waterskiied!   The contraption looks, actually, kind of fun.  More to the point, what were you doing at 7-months old?  Breast feeding?  Pooping on yourself?

Not this guy, this 7-month old doesn't sleep, this guy is going HARD to take down Freddy.

You think this is innocent and cute?? WRONG!

Look at that determination, look at the parent behind him running along in the water, pushing this kid to greater heights.

You think that greatness just happens?  Not a chance, you have to go out and GET IT.

Thats what this baby is doing, getting after it.  If I was you Freddy, I would just go ahead and quit now, because this baby is going to be DOMINATING soon.

Via Yahoo


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