Jan 28, 2013

Vid Day Monday

A few years ago I worked at a ski school where we would take all of the students to a go cart track that had an arcade.  In this arcade there was a waterski game, this game was awful.  It is quite clear that video game designers have no idea what waterskiing actually is.  Unless I am mistaken and skiers actually pick their boat drivers based on the drivers hatred for all things waterskiing or perhaps it is the drivers homicidal tendencies. But whatever the reason, the ski game was garbage, so naturally I played it every chance I got.  I sucked at it, fucking awful game.  grumble grumble

Well here is a review of two more waterski games, these look to be from the 80s, and look equally terrible.  I want to play them both for hours and hours.  If I can find them both I may just quit my job and play them until the bank comes and takes my house and kicks me out.  They look that awful.

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  1. why are there so many trees in the water?? seems like a pretty poor body of water to choose.


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