Jan 31, 2013

Hey! Moomba is only a month away!

Hey guys!  There is some cool waterskiing happening in a little bit!  YAY!!!!  Because winter sucks and we are basically just biding our time drinking beer and impatiently waiting for people to start skiing for realz again.

I suppose, it appears, officially some real tournament skiing starts February 1st in Chile for a Big Dawg (if you can't ski with the big dogs, stay on the porch), but, eff that noise because its all ready cold here in the U.S and I am not about to pay attention to something that proclaims that is CHILE!

No thank you, i want warmth and sun and bikinis and hot dudes being all studly.  hmm...what i meant was super hot girls, yeah, thats it.  TOTALLY BRO, CHICKS SO HOT, TOTALLY SMASH THAT.  *collar auto pops*  *brim on hat auto straightens* *starts playing lacrosse*

Anyways, the point is, we are sick of waiting.  Lets go now.  Everyone pile into the CRB Airplane and lets go to Australia right away and start Moomba NOW!

They would never know what hit them!  Its the perfect plan!

Just invade Australia with skis and wake boards and jumpers and go pros and, just for the hell of it, lets pack up a mid-70's hyrdodyne and kick ass.

Thats just a silly pipe dream, no one has a mid-70's Hydrodyne, this is a silly plan.

Basically, the moral of the story is:

I miss waterskiing.  I hate winter.

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