Dec 15, 2012

Underwater LED lights are sweet

In a forum on the Mastercraft Team Talk site there is a cool thread about installing underwater LED lights, and while the silly lights on cars look foolish, underwater lights on boats are sweet.

I am currently on page 16 of the thread which was active in 2008, 4 YEARS AGO!

How am I so late to the underwater lights game?  Seems like these are the sort of thing that we should have been all over.

Never to late to teach an old dog new tricks I guess.

Check out the thread: TEAM TALK : UNDERWATER LIGHTS


  1. Big Tex6:10 PM


  2. so does these led are water resistant??? and i think this could bring more attraction in advertisement with led signs...

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  4. Oh cool, I have a couple spots in my house that I could really use these in! Thanks for sharing and hope to hear some happy news from you soon Maury!

  5. I was living recently close to a marina in Hawaii and these LED lights would have been the perfect choice for all those boat owners as it was always dark at night there and not easy to navigate. Brilliant idea! I will have to install these on my next boat!


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