Dec 4, 2012

Ski Schools from the sky (12 pics)

We have been to several of these schools, needless to say they are all worth a trip.  Some of the CRB crew has even worked at a couple of these schools, and there is no better experience than ditching all of your responsibilities and heading of to a ski school for the summer or year for that matter.


Swiss Ski School
Many more ski schools after the jump.

Bonney's Ski School

Drew Ross ski school


Radar Lake

Sunset Ski Ranch

Texas Ski Ranch


Trophy Lakes

World Barefoot Center


  1. that picture for cobles is messing with my rods and cones. weird.

    1. The water at cobles is awesome, such a great color. Plus they have about 53,000 lakes...0r 7, whatever. Running the course on lake 6 is bad ass, plus lake 5 is narrow and long, great for footing.

  2. also, the bennets one and any pic of there from the sky is weird, looks even more out of place then others.

    1. driving into bennetts is funny, you go buy a house that looks like a crack house and then roll into the awesomeness that is Bennetts. The skiing is awesome there, but beyond that the Bennett family is one of the great families in skiing. Few people top their commitment to bettering skiing and the warmth they show to all skiers.

  3. Pelvic Gyrations7:26 AM

    And the vintage posters in the bunk house.... oh yeah


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