Aug 30, 2012

What happened to Wakeskate?

So several years back wakeskating came out and I thought it was pretty dope.  For the last few years I really haven't heard much about it.  Possibly because I died, came back to life and have been in and out of prison throughout the world.  But luckly now I am in North Korea and have the freedom to post whatever I want on the internet...  Came across this video on the youtubezzz.  It's pretty sick yo.  It shows Reed Hansen building an insane wakeskate cable pond in his back yard. Sure the guy looks like a wakeskatting Jesus but the guys got skillz.  They use some high speed cameras which slows down the tricks and shows it off real well.  I know ODBF lame ass hates slomo but he hates most things!  Check out the video you and kick flip some shizznitt.


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  1. welcome back. make sure to try jimmys chop house on 30th street in the north part of Pyongyang, its delicious.


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