Aug 2, 2012

Malibu Open

The Malibu Open starts tomorrow and the CRB crew will be making the trek back to the state of Wisconsin to rock it out. We missed out on our yearly trek to the LA Night Jam with that event taking a hiatus this year so its back to Wisconsin for the second time in 3 weeks. People will start calling us cheese heads if we spend to much time up there.

The Malibu Open is a great event not just because it has a decent sized purse but because it is put on in the middle of a large city. We have attended the last two years and the crowds have been great and the skiing has been top notch. I spoke with several skiers and they all said that this is what pro tournaments should be. If more events get off the private lakes with no crowds and in front of the people again our sport may become a truly viable sport again. Otherwise we will just continue to flounder in the muck draining money from the few companies that cater exclusively to skiing.

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